Divers of the Civil Protection

In Belgium there are in total over 750 persons who dive for the fire departments or the Civil Protection. The operational unit of the Civil Protection of Crisnée has, just as about 130 fire departments, a team of divers. Where the fire departments take care of the urgent diving interventions, the Civil Protection does the less urgent and in particular long-lasting diving interventions.

The divers of the Civil Protection execute on average about 60 diving interventions a year (adding up to an average of 4000 working hours per year). They mainly search for missing persons, vehicles and arms to bring these to the surface. To do so, they use specialized equipment such as a sonar and an echo-sounder. These interventions are always done at the request of the local or federal police (waterway police, the cell missing persons, the Disaster Victim Identification team) or Justice.

It concerns thus often long-lasting search missions in the framework of judicial inquiries, but our divers sometimes also save humans, assist in case of floods, take water or sediment samples and protect persons during manifestations.

Call the team of divers of the Civil Protection

The organization of diving interventions by the team of divers of the operational unit of the Civil Protection of Crisnée always passes through Claude Chardon.

Responsible person team of divers Civil Protection
Tel: 04 257 66 00