The speleology emergency team executes interventions in barely accessible, subterranean places, such as stone quarries, tunnels that are out of use, mine galleries or holes. They offer assistance to persons in distress in this environment or provide assistance to subterranean interventions.

This team was created in cooperation with the Union Belge de Spéléologie (UBS) and consists of experienced speleologists who followed an adequate training that stresses the specific difficulties in case of subterranean rescue operations. They can get reinforcement from specialized teams such as the RED teams and the divers, or from specialized equipment such as high capacity pumps.

The Directorate-General Civil Security organizes and coordinates the trainings, exercises and interventions of the speleology emergency teams.

Call speleology emergency teams

For further information on the interventions of the speleology emergency teams, you can contact the operational unit of Crisnée.

Operational unit of Crisnée
Tel: 04/257 66 00